Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wierd Stuff

I have been tagged by Poh Lynn.. so here goes..

List 5 weird or random things about yourself:
(Ok, I think there's more random than wierd here)
1. I sleepwalk once in a blue moon
2. Elderly people like to talk to me, even offer their seats when I am in the
3. I learnt Jawi in school and reached top score of 23/100.
The norm was 0/100. (Yes, it's obvious that have no flair at tikam-ing)
4. I have no hair on my fingers, not even fine, little ones
5. Among my nicknames in uni were "Bebola" and "Dear"
(short for Ly-dear)

5 people whom I want to do the quiz:
1. Adelynne
2. Alice
3. Andrew
4. Ivan
5. Mike


At 3/01/2006 1:50 PM, Blogger LostSt said...

Give me some time to reply ya on this yea? =)

At 3/10/2006 4:58 PM, Blogger addy said...

I've done this before! :D Maybe I will just copy and paste. Hehe. :D

At 3/14/2006 9:49 AM, Blogger ahem_ahem said...

Mike: You never owned a single pair of jeans? Amazing..

Adelynne: Hehe... didn't realize that you had already done it.

At 3/14/2006 6:17 PM, Blogger LostSt said...

No. Someone should set up a fund for the cause. =P

At 3/16/2006 3:21 PM, Anonymous pl said...

i was so free, then suddenly i remembered your blog so i decided to pop in for a visit. hmm.. why do old people offer you their seats? do they look stronger than you? hehehe just kidding :P


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