Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Cancer Causing Yau-Char-Kwai

A recent conversation with my cutie-pie-cousin-Priscilla:

Me: Priscilla, wanna give this to Percist? (while I dangled stale-overnight-yau-char-kwai in my hands. Percist is the name of Pricilla's mini pincher)

Priscilla: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....... Percist will get cancer

Me: Huh? Cancer? No lah..

Priscilla: Yeah.. cancer, Percist cannot eat oily things, ice cream or biscuit, afterwards get cancer

Me: ?????????????????????

Kids.. so smart and so cute..

P/S: It's been ages since I've created a decent post. Lotsa things have been happening, but first, gotta clear my list of *other-more-important-things-to-do*, before I can get down to organizing a whole lot of pictures/videos, and putting events/super-belated-new-year-thoughts into words.