Monday, August 14, 2006

Being a Fierce Cili Padi

This day in history, Lydia successfully displayed her fierceness in it's full fiery form..

Yes, I, the one who can never scold others properly, successfully unleashed fire, to achieve desired effect, that is to stop the *tormenting* of others.

My normal attempts at scolding would go something like this:
Me: "Stop playing with my flabs! Kenot simply touch"
Tormentor sings "I believe I can fly.." while flapping arms

No skills whatsoever in scolding right?
So, you may wonder "What has warranted such anger, that I managed to boost my scolding-skill-level overnight?"

All because of this:
One evening after work, I was happily doing my laps in the swimming pool when I hear shouts of "amoi.. amoi..". I stop to look, a bunch of teenage guys trying to main with me. Me thinks, "OK never mind, biasa la.. dowan to peduli, just continue swimming". The next few laps, every time I reached the shallow end where they were standing, one of them would conveniently swim right in front of me (when the pool is sooo big), or stay submerged somewhere along the path I swam. I think again "What a pain, but never mind, I still can dodge them while swimming." Come the next lap, they did the unthinkable. One of them, again conveniently stood in my way. So, there I was trying to avoid the nuisance, when another one of them popped out of the water directly under me. That was the last straw, I gave them a very nice piece of my mind while they were laughing away "Excuse me! Stop diving under me. That is NOT funny at all". To which the hooligans replied "Dunno, dunno". And I mockingly replied "Dunno, Dunno, Don't understand English is it?" before swimming away.

I was still fuming as I continued my laps. Angry that I was played around with, that I had to go through the head to belly bump.. Ewww geli.. However, I was glad to see that my outburst actually worked. They TOTALLY stayed clear from the lane where I was swimming. Muahaha.. I must have looked VERY angry...

Heh, I am so proud of myself...