Thursday, September 14, 2006

Merdeka di Bukit Fraser

2 weekends ago, I...

Went to Fraser's Hill to hike and camp...

And during the hike, attempted to vandalize signs along the trail

Since it rained, I wore a blue garbage bag and walked around, while the rest used their ponchos, packpack cover and banana leaf

As the sun was setting, sat on a bench and enjoyed the mountain view

Because of the downpour, scraped our camping plans and got ourselves a bungalow to spend the night. At night, sat in the garden sipping hot drinks and lighting tanglungs as the skies lit up with Merdeka celebration fireworks

Had a hearty breakfast of luncheon meat, and egg soaked in lard, and other sinful stuff (~~slurp)

I even helped a ninja-wannabe do up his hair
:) Am still dreaming of the time when I can wake up, get out of the house and look at beautiful scenery everyday, just like I did over the weekend.