Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Of Books And Laughter

I must stop laughing to myself in public...

Yes…quite an embarrassment isn’t it, especially when you are in a crowded LRT, with your back against the wall, book in hand, and you see a few heads turn to look at you.

Why I laugh to myself?

99% of the time, it happens because I am reading a book, and I reach a comical portion of text, where I cannot help but laugh. And since, when I am reading, and there is no one to share the laughter with, I laugh to myself. Also, it so happens that most of my reading is done while traveling, hence my public self laughter.

But good things are meant to be shared right? Continue my public laughter, me thinks… Might rub off some of that joy on another person

Friday, June 24, 2005

For The First Time

Today, i decided to do one of those things in my list of "101 Things To Do While I'm Still Alive and Kicking"

No.. it's not bungee jumping, sky diving or paragliding

Nah, not travelling around the world for a year

No, it's not getting a tatoo (what a waste, I can't)

Writing a best seller? Nope.. not that either

Marry the man of my dreams? Not yet, will tell you when i do

Well..what i did is....
Start my own blog

Pretty obvious huh ;) Why blog? Hmm.. lets see. There's the dream of getting featured on the Star as a *terrar blogger*... hehe.. no la.. Guess it's more of being able to go through my blog archives in, say 2 years time and say "Hey, I actually felt that!" or "Yeah, those were good times", or "Shucks, did i say(post) that out loud"

So there... my first blog.. Till the next post